MG Flasher Flasher License

MG Flasher Flasher License

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ECUs manufactured in July 2020 and newer are SUPPORTED with a bench unlock provided by Femto. ECU must be sent to their location. Please see our User Manual for more information.

Recent software updates may require Bench OBD Unlock, please see below for detail*

In order to flash any OTS or Custom Maps, this Flashing License is required. OTS Maps are not included.

This license allows unlimited flashing of the assigned vehicle (VIN locked) with MG1 ECU. It also enables Diagnostic Module and Custom Flash option with all additional options included (if available) at no additional cost:

  • Switchable Maps On-The-Fly (GEN 1 B48/B58 F Series ONLY) - WORLD'S FIRST SOLUTION FOR BMW B48/B58 - through a simple combination of cruise control buttons you can quickly select between mapping, without the need to reflash vehicle! Support for HPFP included! G series video
    Hybrids, Mini Coopers and Gen 2 switchable maps, including all ethanol maps, are under development.

  • Dynamic Exhaust Burble On-The-Fly - via a simple combination of cruise control buttons you can change the intensity of the burbles whenever you like! Here's how! 
    MG Flasher offers Hybrids and Gen 2 adjustable options during flash; On-The-Fly features are under development.

  • Max Cooling On-The-Fly - With a simple cruise control button combination sequence, you can enable the option without reflashing the car! Youtube Video 
    MG Flasher offers Hybrids and Gen 2 adjustable options during flash; On-The-Fly features are under development.

  • Torque Limit Adjustability (GEN 2 and Mini Cooper ONLY) - TCU 8HP Limiter Lifted for Gen 2 B48, B58, S58, S63 and Mini platforms! Software calibration without the need for any transmission tuning or skewing the torque/load calculation model maps. This allows for accurate calculations, smooth shifting and no software trickery.
  • Speed Limit Removal, Startup Roar, Torque by Gear Limiter and Burble Flame Map available on select software

  • Cold start with CAT heating delete (racing/off-road use only)

  • Sport Gauges (HP and TQ) adjustable by user

  • Custom flashing – flash custom maps prepared by us or other tuners/users

  • OTS maps/ All OTS pack (subject to additional cost)

  • Logger - log real time data and plot it into graphs for troubleshooting and optimizing (subject to additional cost 99 USD/EUR)

  • Diagnostic- Read and clear BMW specific DTC's

  • Reset various adaptations, restore coding

  • CVN number (Checksum Verification Number) along with flashing counter stays untouched. This means our software will be virtually invisible to dealer level diagnostic tools

*Recent software updates may require bench OBD unlocking from a tuner/dealer that has the required tools. We "In Pursuit of Speed Motorsport" are capable of bench unlocks, however you may also use any other tuning shop that is equipped with bench tools to provide such a service. Please note that a bench unlock is subject to an additional cost determined by the third party that provides the service.

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MG Flasher

Great product, easy to use/deploy and now I feel like I'm driving a new car! Love the chat/support from Kevin too, it really made a difference in the whole experience!