IM500 Turbo Upgrade B46 B48 230i 330i 430i
IPOS Motorsport IM500 B46/B48 Turbo Upgrade
IM450 B48 B46 Turbo Upgrade

IPOS Motorsport IM500 B46/B48 Turbo Upgrade

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The IM500 Turbocharger Upgrade for the B46 and B48! This is the perfect turbo upgrade for people who are racers. This turbo is the biggest we offer and the most powerful. The spool on this is noticeably laggier but the top end is very strong. You can run this turbo on stock motor with no issues but you will need to build your engine to max out the turbo. If you are not willing to sacrifice some spool/driveability, we recommend you go with the IM450. Utilizes the OEM intake location and OEM charge pipe location. This is by far the best turbo upgrade on the market for a B4x.

  • Resized Exhaust .61 AR and Compressor .57 AR Housings
  • Optimized Manifold Exhaust Path for Better Flow
  • Re-uses OEM Wastegate
  • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • VSR Machine Balanced
  • Larger Compressor and Turbine Wheels
  • High Flow Turbo Inlet Pipe Included

Comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty for Manufacturer Defects


Fits both Gen1 B4x and B4xTU, please select your engine.230i 330i 430i 220i 320i 420i


Compressor Housing Options:

These turbos with normal housings are quieter than the stock turbo, We know some people love turbo noises we have the following options to machine the compressor housing to change tone at a small extra cost. Please allow another week of build time if optioned.

-T51R Mod

-Compressor Holes

Optional Installation Kit (Highly Recomended):

-OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket

-OEM Coolant O-Rings

-OEM Oil O-Rings

-OEM Exhaust Side Studs

-OEM Stud Nuts

-OEM Downpipe Gasket


Lead time for the turbos are 2-5 weeks.