330i 328i 320i LSD M Performance Diff

F-Chassis 20i/28i/30i M-Performance Limited Slip Differential Retrofit Kit

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Everything you need to retrofit the M-Performance LSD into your 4-cylinder F-Chassis car! All F-Series cars come with an open diff from factory. This means that when you lose traction, the spinning wheel will receive all the power. The M-Performance LSD can lock the rear axle up to 30% resulting in better performance when cornering/drag racing/drifting. 

Kit Includes:

  • DriveshaftPro Custom Bult Driveshaft (800whp+ Tested!)
  • New OE Driver and Passenger Side Rear Axles


  • New M-Performance LSD (Please Specify Model)


We currently only offer the kit for RWD Automatic models. Please contact us if you have a X-Drive Automatic we may be able to help you



Due to the fact that BMW no longer produces 3.15 M-Performance LSD, any automatic vehicle that has a 3.15 diff will be sent out a 3.08 M-Performance LSD. DO NOT ORDER AN LSD IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE GEAR RATIO CHANGE REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN OUT FOR THE MISTAKE.




Customer Reviews

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Michael Ufford
Great product, but required a revised driveshaft to bolt-in correctly

The product was backordered initially (despite not being listed as such on the website), took months to source a new old stock diff, and the first custom driveshaft provided did not fit correctly. Once the driveshaft was returned to Driveshaft Pros and replaced with a properly fitting unit, everything bolted up as promised. Now that the fitment is dialed in, I'd wholeheartedly recommend this product. Its a huge upgrade for the F2X. I just wish it fit correctly the first time - it took a ton of time and money to have the rear end torn out and put back together multiple times while working with Kevin to get it right, which to his credit, he eventually did.