15 Inch Wheel Brake Kit Drag Pack
BMW F3x F2x Rear 15 Inch Wheel Brake Conversion Kit
BMW F3x F2x Rear 15 Inch Wheel Brake Conversion Kit

BMW F3x F2x Rear 15 Inch Wheel Brake Conversion Kit

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New rear brake conversion kit for your F3x F2x BMW. This will allow you to run 15-inch wheels and tires on the rear of the car, perfect for drag and roll racing purposes. Using lightweight Wilwood Dynapro 4-piston calipers you won't have to sacrifice stopping power. 

Even if you aren't looking to run a 15-inch wheel this is still a very good upgrade over the stock 1-piston calipers! Contact us if you want to run a larger rotor on this kit instead of the standard rotor.

What's Included in the Kit:

  • 2 Wilwood 4 Piston Calipers (Red, Black, Grey)
  • 2 Zimmerman Rotors (Drilled or Plain) 
  • Rear set of high-performance Wilwood BP-10 Pads (Or source your own)
  • All brackets and hardware required for installation
  • Stainless Steel upgraded rear brakes lines (Optional)


Weigh Reduction Numbers:

Calipers with pads

Factory Rear Caliper 11.5lbs

Wilwood Rear Calipers Dyna-Pro 4.5lbs

Brake Rotors

Factory Size Rotor 18.2lbs

Slotted 15” conversion rotor 14lbs

Plain 15” conversion rotor 14.6lbs

Saving 8.4-7.2lbs Rotational Weight


Total savings

Factory rear brakes – 56LBS

15″ Plain Rotor Wilwood Caliper 38.2lbs Saving 17.5lbs Unsprung Weight

15” Drilled Rotor Wilwood Caliper 37lbs. Saving 19lbs Unsprung Weight


If you are planning on running a 15-inch wheel you must remove the rear brake dust shield and grind the small casting on the rear traction links.