B46 B48 HPFP Upgrade Stage 1 Stage 2
B46/B48 Stage 1 High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade

B46/B48 Stage 1 High Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade

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We're proud to release the first dedicated B46/B48 upgrade! This is a complete plug-and-play kit to support high-horsepower and E85 builds. 

Pump Fuel Flow (cc/rev):

HDP5 Evo (Stock B48/B58) .954
HDP6 (Stock B48TU/B58TU) 1.178
IPOSMotorsport Stage 1 1.299
IPOSMotorsport Stage 2 1.558 

Software changes are required to run this pump. If using Bootmod3 or MG Flasher, simply check the box Dorch Stage 1/2 upgrade when flashing. Slightly bending the high pressure line to line up with the pump is also needed. 

Kit Contains:

  • HPFP w/ Hardware
  • Adapter Plate
  • Quick Connect Low-Pressure Line
  • Plug and Play Adapter Harness
  • Alignment Spacer Tool



Customer Reviews

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Isaac Limahelu
Works Flawlessly

Bought this for my 2019 230i and put 500 miles on it before writing a review... it's been working perfectly with no issues, was incredibly easy and straightforward to install, and solves the issue of the oem hpfp being incapable of supplying enough fuel when tuned for full e85. Gonna continue buying from IPOS exclusively

Giancarlo Rodriguez
Solid solution

I got this pump a few weeks ago for me 430 that is running a flex fuel e60 tune, the install was a little stressful until I got the line from the rail onto the hpfp, (it helped a lot to grinde down the engine cover post a little bit barely needed to bend the line then) after that it was pretty simple and the pump is not stressed at the 60% ethanol level, it also does not make a lot of noise no more then the stock pump, this is a better option then the TU pump on the b48 motor for sure