B48E Turbo Upgrade 400whp B48
B48E Turbo Upgrade
B48E Turbo Upgrade

B48E Turbo Upgrade

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This kit comes with everything you need to install the "B48E" turbocharger in your gen 1 Mini This is an OEM turbo upgrade solution that is more capable than any other turbo upgrade on the market. The B48E turbo is capable of making 31psi of boost and flows 44lbs/min pushing your B48 ~380whp on 93 and ~420whp on E60 with the right supporting mods and tune all while retaining twin-scroll functionality with a stock-like spool. Best part about this turbo is later down the line you can upgrade it to a hybrid "stage 2" for even more power!


And yes, you can run this turbo and achieve these power figures without building the engine.


No Core Charge Needed!



There are two options to pick when choosing the condition of the turbo. "New" turbochargers are unused and are sourced from BMW directly. "Used" turbochargers come from low mileage crashed cars and are tested before being sent out.  Used turbos are cheaper but are difficult to source so if you see one in stock don't hesitate!



Kits are made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks to build and ship although it can be sooner.



B48E Turbocharger w/ EWG 

Modified Coolant/Oil lines

Modified Turbo Support Bracket

B48E Primary and Secondary Heatshields (F Series Only)

Diverter Valve Blanking Plate


Optional Installation Kit (Highly Recommended):

OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket

OEM Coolant O-Rings

OEM Oil O-Rings

OEM Exhaust Side Studs

OEM Stud Nuts

OEM Downpipe Gasket